SeaPort Performance Improved in April

On-time Performance Improving for SeaPort Airlines

SeaPort Airlines is proud to let our customers know that after a period of on-time reliability challenges, we’re back on our feet (or wings, in this case)! The SeaPort Team has worked hard to improve our on-time performance and reliability statistics so our customers receive the air service they expect. Last week, we completed 92% of all scheduled flights (the only cancellations were due to severe weather and flooding) and 84% of all flights arrived arrived within 5 minutes of our published schedule.

Yesterday, we had phenomenal performance with 100% completion and 100% on-time arrivals across the entire network.

A shout-out and thank you not just to our hard-working team of employees, but to our customers, whose support has been instrumental in helping us rebuild our airline one flight at a time!

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