SeaPort Maintains Great On-Time Performance in July

SeaPort Maintains Great On-Time Performance in July

Today, SeaPort Airlines is proud to release its on-time performance stats for the month of July! It was another excellent month for operational performance despite some tough weather patterns in the Mid-South. Unlike the industry standard, which categorizes flights as “on-time” if they are within 15 minutes of the scheduled time, SeaPort sets the bar higher for itself by only counting flights as “on-time” if they are within 5 minutes of the scheduled arrival and departure time. Overall on-time performance across the SeaPort network hit 89%, with the majority of those delays being outside the airline’s control and due to weather. Excluding weather delays, SeaPort’s on-time performance record hit a phenomenal 97%.


SeaPort also reported a nearly perfect completion percentage, with less than 0.1% of flights being canceled for a total completion rate of approximately 99.9%. This is excellent news for SeaPort Airlines passengers, who depend on our reliability to get from point to point for both business and leisure.

So, if you’re looking to get somewhere quickly and easily, SeaPort Airlines is your airline for reliable transportation to your destination. Don’t forget, we offer service from El Dorado, Harrison and Hot Springs, Arkansas to Memphis, Tennessee and Houston, Texas. We also currently offer service between Pendleton and Portland, Oregon. Book on or call 888-573-2767.

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