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Why SeaPort Airlines?

SeaPort is an outlier in the travel industry--we're different from the other airlines, and proud of it! We all know travel can be time consuming & exhausting. Even more so when you're corralled through long lines with several other tired passengers, only to be met by unfriendly faces behind the ticket counter. At SeaPort Airlines, you're not just considered another part of "the herd" - you're like a guest in our home. We strive to maintain the best customer service in the industry, accommodating the needs of each individual to the best of our abilities. We do what we can to treat each person that passes through our doors with nothing less than the utmost respect. SeaPort staff members truly care about passengers - they'll go as far as giving a courtesy call to anyone that hasn't checked-in for their flight. SeaPort Airlines comes to know it's passengers on a first name basis, with staff members often inherently memorizing the personal preferences of our regular guests - from their need for a cab upon arrival to their favorite seat on the plane. In many cases, familiarities between our staff members and our customers develop into lasting friendships. Essentially, if you're looking for outstanding customer service to compliment fast, uncomplicated air travel, congratulations - you just found SeaPort.