Airline Information

What type of flight service do you provide?

SeaPort Airlines is a scheduled commuter airline with the mission of connecting rural communities to the national transportation network, as well as providing service on routes that are currently under-served. We also offer customized charter services in addition to scheduled service options.

How do I make a reservation?

For our best available fare prices, please use the booking engine widget on this website to make your reservation. Customers can also book by calling 888-573-2767; however, reservations made over the phone may have an additional surcharge. For more information on our various fare classes and their related benefits and rules, see our Fare Benefits and Rules matrix.

What type of aircraft does SeaPort use?

SeaPort operates the Cessna Caravan. This aircraft seats nine passengers and two pilots.

How do I contact SeaPort Airlines?

You can contact us via e-mail at info@seaportair.com or call us at 888-573-2767.


Where do you fly?

SeaPort is a dynamic company with a route map that is continuously evolving. Please check out our Where We Fly pages for a route map and information on SeaPort Airlines destinations. You can also book connections for some partner airline destinations outside of the SeaPort Airlines network right here on our website.

Who can I speak to at the airport if I have a problem?

Any SeaPort Airlines representative will be happy to assist you in any way that they can. You are welcome to request to speak with the Station Manager as well if they are available, or Contact Us via e-mail. You can reach Reservations and Customer Service by calling 888-573-2767.

Do you offer charter services?

Yes, pending aircraft and crew availability, we may be able to facilitate requests for charter service. For more information and to get a quote for an aircraft charter, please e-mail charters@seaportair.com.

Where do I park and how much does it cost?

Each airport has its own parking and parking fees. Please visit your airport website directly for more information on parking.

Shuttle Service

Are all of your ticket counters located at airport main terminals?

No. While most of our ticket counters can located in main terminal areas, we do have one location with a private terminal in Memphis. At this airport, we offer complimentary shuttle service between our private terminal and the main terminal if you have a connecting flight.

Which locations have shuttle service?

Memphis currently has shuttle service from our private terminal to the main terminal.

Where will your shuttle take me?

Our shuttle will get you from our private terminals up to the main terminal, so you can catch a connecting flight. Shuttle service is located at Memphis only.

How do I catch the shuttle to get from the main terminal to your private terminal? What does it cost?

Once you arrive and obtain your baggage, give the shuttle number a call. We’ll give you instructions on where to go, and promptly pick you up from that location. Our shuttle is complimentary for all SeaPort passengers.

What is the number for the shuttle?

Memphis has its own local number you can use to contact your local SeaPort station for pick-up:  901-620-4415

Reservations & Ticketing

I’m having problems booking on the website, what do I do?

If you’re having problems with the website, please call 888-573-2767 to report the issue and make your reservation. To report the problem for immediate investigation, please use the Report a Website Problem form at the bottom of our website, or submit an e-mail to our webmaster that includes your search criteria (where and when), and a description of the issue. If you can also provide a screenshot, that will provide further clarification as we look into the issue.

Can I make changes to my itinerary?

Some tickets are non-changeable, so be sure to check the restrictions on your ticket before you make a final purchase. A change fee will apply for most itinerary changes, with the exception of our Flex4Free and FullFlex fares, which are changeable without change fees. Any change fee will be applied in addition to any difference in price. Our Fare Benefits and Rules matrix can help you determine if your fare allows for itinerary changes.

How do I change my ticket?

Most itinerary changes can be made online by choosing the Flight Info tab on the booking widget. If you have an itinerary that includes travel on a partner airline or is ineligible for changes online, please call 888-573-2767. Penalty fees may apply.

How do I cancel a reservation?

To cancel a reservation, you must call 888-573-2767. Make sure you understand the restrictions on the fare you’ve purchased prior to cancellation, so you can plan accordingly. Penalty fees may apply.


Can I get a refund for my ticket?

Yes, if you’ve purchased a fully refundable ticket. Otherwise, we can credit you the value of your ticket in our reservation system, for use towards a future ticket purchase with SeaPort, good for up to one year. Reservations must be canceled at least one hour prior to departure to receive a credit. No show passengers that do not call to cancel their reservation prior to departure forfeit their credit. Please remember that our lowest fare class does not allow for any changes or refunds; NoFlex fares are best suited for those who have firm travel plans.

What if a passenger doesn’t show for a flight?

Passengers that do not call to cancel their reservation at least one hour prior to departure, and do not show up to check-in for their scheduled flight, are designated as “No-Show” passengers and thereby forfeit the amount charged for the reservation as well as any opportunity to receive flight credit.

What are the taxes and fees included in the quoted price?

In addition to the government imposed Federal Excise Tax, fees that may be included in the quoted price are listed:

  • 9/11 Security Fee
  • Segment Fee
  • Passenger Facility Charge
  • Additional government-imposed taxes

Again, all fares quoted already have these taxes and fees included in the price. In rare cases, additional surcharges maybe included in a quoted price.

Check-In, Security Screening & Boarding

What should I bring with me for check-in?

Each passenger is required to show government issued identification at check-in. If you are traveling internationally, you will be required to show a valid passport. Without proper identification, passengers may be denied boarding.

Do I have to go through TSA security screening if I’m flying with SeaPort?

Some airport locations require screening. Visit the TSA website, tsa.gov, for specific information about screening policies and procedures.

Is there a cut-off time for check-in at SeaPort?

Yes. All passengers traveling on SeaPort Airlines must check-in at least 45 minutes prior to departure at Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport, and 30 minutes prior to departure everywhere else. Passengers checking in with a partner airline will want to verify check-in requirements with that airline directly. If a passenger arrives after the 30 or 45 minute cut-off for check-in, a ticket counter agent can assist with re-accommodation in accordance with the fare rules, restrictions and fees.


How much luggage can I take with me?

Passengers with FullFlex fares are allowed two (2) checked bags, up to 50 lbs each, free of charge. All other fares and flights to and from all destinations have a free baggage allowance of one (1) checked bag up to 50 lbs per person and not exceeding 62 linear inches in size, plus a carry-on of one personal item, such as a purse, camera bag, small electronic device, diaper bag, infant supplies, briefcase, small backpack, in addition to the following items:

  • Umbrella, jackets, overcoats, and reading material
  • Mobility aids, canes, braces, or other medical supplies
  • Government approved child/infant seat, service animals, or fully collapsible stroller

If the passenger has over the allowed amount of checked luggage or special equipment, an excess baggage fee will be applied at check-in. No one piece of baggage can exceed 70 lbs, and all checked bags must not exceed 62″ (length + width+ height). Excess baggage flies on a space available basis. PLEASE BE ADVISED FOR INTERLINE PARTNER CONNECTIONS: If you are traveling on SeaPort Airlines and have a connection on an interline partner carrier, you must have booked your reservation on a single itinerary for thru-baggage service. If you book your flights separately, we will be unable to check your bag all the way through to your destination.

What can I carry on?

Each passenger may carry on one personal item including the following, a purse, camera bag, small electronic device, diaper bag, infant supplies, briefcase, small backpack, plus the following at no charge:

  • Umbrella, jackets, overcoats, and reading material
  • Mobility aids, canes, braces or other medical supplies
  • Government approved child/infant seat, service animals, or fully collapsible stroller

Where are your ticket counters located? Are they in the main terminal?

Please see your destination page for information about individual ticket counter locations.

Making a Connection

I’m making a connection on another airline. How much time should I allow in between flights?

We recommend that you allow at least an hour and a half for making connecting flights out of any large airport, but it is really up to each individual traveler and the connection time with which they’re most comfortable. Travel during the holidays can get pretty hectic at the larger hubs, so please plan accordingly.

Do have any interline or codeshare agreements with other airlines that allow for booking connections as part of a single reservation?

Yes. SeaPort Airlines currently has two interline partners, Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines. You can book a single-itinerary reservation that includes your SeaPort Airlines segment as well as a connection to/from locations served by these airline partners. Availability and destinations vary and depend upon connect times, number of stops and other criteria.

If I have a connection on another airline, will my baggage be checked all the way through to my final destination?

Baggage can be checked all the way through to your destination if you’ve booked a single-itinerary reservation that includes both your SeaPort Airlines and your connecting flight on one of our designated partner carriers. Thru-baggage services cannot be provided in cases where your SeaPort flight and your connecting flight have been booked separately, nor are these services available for connection on non-partner airlines.

Customers Needing Special Accommodations

How do I request special assistance for a passenger?

Please call 888-573-2767 to talk to a customer service representative regarding special accommodations. We also recommend referencing our Contract of Carriage for more information regarding carrier policies and limitations.

What if I need seatbelt extender?

If you’ve made a reservation and you think you may require a seat belt extender, please call us at 888-573-2767 ahead of time to let us know.

What is your policy for service animals?

Service animals travel free and in the airplane cabin with their owner. However, rules and restrictions apply, so please review the SeaPort Contract of Carriage.


What are the ages and restrictions for a lap child?

SeaPort cannot carry infants fourteen (14) days or younger without a written note from a physician. Children fourteen (14) days and under two (2) years old, not occupying a seat, can be carried without charge when accompanied by a fare-paying passenger eighteen (18) years or older.

What are the ages and restrictions for unaccompanied minors?

Children under five (5) years of age must be accompanied by a fare-paying adult. Children five (5) through eleven (11) years of age are defined as unaccompanied minors, and are subject to a service fee of $50.00.

Children ages 5 – 7 will only be accepted for nonstop flights. The parent or responsible adult who brings an unaccompanied child to the departure airport will be required to remain at the departure gate until the flight is airborne. The parent or responsible adult must furnish SeaPort Airlines in writing (duplicate in which must be in child’s possession) evidence that the child will be met by another parent or responsible adult upon deplaning at his or her destination. The person meeting the child at his or her destination will need to be in the arrivals area prior to the flight arriving. Awaiting guardians will be required to present positive identification and sign a release form designated by SeaPort Airlines. SeaPort can only provide supervision for the unaccompanied minor from the time of boarding until the child is met at a stopover point or destination, and does not assume any financial or guardianship responsibility for any unaccompanied child beyond what is applicable to an adult passenger. More information on this policy can be found on our Policies page.


What is SeaPort’s policy for the carriage of pregnant women?

We recommend that pregnant passengers consult a physician before flying. Any person who is pregnant and expecting delivery within ten (10) days, unless the passenger provides a doctor’s certificate dated within 72 hours of departure, stating that the doctor has examined and found the passenger to be physically fit for air transportation, will not be considered fit to fly.

Can I travel with a pet on SeaPort Airlines?

SeaPort accepts domestic pets, including cats, dogs, and household birds, as long as they are in an approved carrier and the weight of any single animal does not exceed 40 lbs. Pets are carried in the aircraft cabin, generally in the cargo area, for the duration of the flight. Pets must be without odor and have all current vaccinations and flea treatments. A fee of $50.00 will be assessed for the transportation of any animal. All service animals travel free. Please refer the Contract of Carriage for additional information on the carriage of animals.

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