The SeaPort Experience

Next Generation Airline

SeaPort Airlines is a next-generation regional airline focused on connecting people and places. Passengers are often pleasantly surprised by how easily and efficiently they can travel to their destination, and we’re proud to say that we’ve had many repeat customers that have flown with us from the beginning.

What to Expect

SeaPort Airlines provides a unique passenger experience that isn’t just functional – its fun. We operate with a goal of connecting rural communities to the national transportation network, and we do it by utilizing “right-sized” aircraft for our markets that are reliable and allow for greater frequency in our schedules. This is accomplished the nine passenger Cessna Caravan. Depending on your route and aircraft, your experience might vary slightly, but you can expect consistent excellence in safety and customer service across our entire network.

While our airplanes may be smaller than what is operated by many larger carriers, we actually offer more room than the economy seats of many major carriers. With nine seats, we’re able to prevent long waits and provide each passenger with the kind of personalized customer service you can’t get elsewhere.



On Our Aircraft

We frequently hear from passengers that our experience is like “you’re really flying.” Our Cessna Caravan aircraft have generously-sized windows and fly a bit lower than many larger aircraft, so while you’re flying you can enjoy the view from above – because sometimes the journey can be just as thrilling as the destination!

Flight Experience

Friendly Staff and Crew

At the time you make your reservation, to check-in and beyond, our friendly staff are there to take care of you. At check-in, you can avoid the stress of long lines and large groups, making for a much more pleasant, one-on-one type experience for customers with our ticket agents. Our talented and personable flight crews will ensure you’re prepared for your flight and comfortable while in the sky. From your arrival at the airport to pick-up at your destination, SeaPort’s team is trained to make your experience positive.

Flight-seeing Adventure

If you’re traveling on a nice day, you’ll be surprised to find that SeaPort’s lower aircraft altitude and generous aircraft window make for a beautiful and exciting adventure. Bring your camera (or put your smartphone in airplane mode) so you can get a few shots of the lovely terrain during your flight – there is nothing like seeing it all from the skies.

Caravan Service

Due to the size of our Caravan cabin and short trip length, we do not offer in-flight food and beverage service on Caravan flights. However, most passengers are too busy enjoying the quick, scenic flight to miss a beverage cart. You’re also welcome to bring a snack on board with you on domestic flight, but our flights are so quick, you probably won’t need it!